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Merry Christmas!

Sadly I’ve  been extremely busy lately and have only been able to sneak glances at my gaming desk, which once again holds all my Necron models ready for paint. The Eldar/Dark Eldar replaced them for a day or two but it didn’t … Continue reading

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6th Edition hits! FAQ’s up!

So 6th edition has finally arrived and the books are out. I’m still waiting for mine in the mail, coming all the way from the US but I managed to take a look in the local GWS today. Overall I … Continue reading

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Dark Eldar Trueborn

Trueborn are an iconic unit in the Dark Eldar codex. Almost a Dark Eldar ‘Devastator Squad’ they are the heavy weapon specialists, capable of carrying Dark Lances, Blasters and Splinter Cannons. While Dark Lances are hideously overpriced for a static … Continue reading

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