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Necron Lords & Destroteks (/w Lances)

So despite my great apathy about the future of the hobby at the moment, particularly with the price increases I am forging ahead with my Necron army. Well forging ahead is probably somewhat of an over-exaggeration, it just sounds far … Continue reading

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Necron Progress: Crypteks and more!

With the Easter long weekend I’ve managed to have some time off, get a friend back into 40k, visit a store (buying just a can of black spray) and make some progress on my army. Painting-wise it has been slow, … Continue reading

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Army List – Harbringer of Destruction concept:

The Necron codex is a really well designed book in my opinion, mixing some real combat choices with a backbone of shooty units that are reasonably priced. Whether you want to go hordes of implacable Warriors, the more elite strike … Continue reading

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