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Necron Dedicated Transports

  Here are the two dedicated transports generally available to Necron units. The Catacomb Command Barge isn’t covered as it was covered in the HQ section. Ghost Ark: What is notable is the Ghost Ark, which is the dedicated Warrior … Continue reading

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Necron Progress: Crypteks and more!

With the Easter long weekend I’ve managed to have some time off, get a friend back into 40k, visit a store (buying just a can of black spray) and make some progress on my army. Painting-wise it has been slow, … Continue reading

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Night Scythe and Annihilation Barge

The Night Scythe is finally finished and since I had to paint its Tesla Destructors I grabbed the Annihilation Barge’s weapon array out of the cabinet and did them both at once. Due to extended periods of not painting everything … Continue reading

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