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Night Scythe and Annihilation Barge

The Night Scythe is finally finished and since I had to paint its Tesla Destructors I grabbed the Annihilation Barge’s weapon array out of the cabinet and did them both at once. Due to extended periods of not painting everything … Continue reading

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WIP Night Scythe

Well I have managed to make progress with my Night Scythe and Immortals over the last week or two. The Night Scythe I wanted to be really eye catching, it is a flyer and is a very nice model to … Continue reading

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The Dark Eldar Raider

The mighty Raider, a nigh on unstoppable juggernaught on the battlefields of the 41st century, bristling with weapons and…… oh wait sorry was thinking the LAND Raider. So the Dark Eldar Raider, quite possibly made with a similar material in … Continue reading

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