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The JetSeer Council Expands

The first few models for my JetSeer Council were completed quite a while back. Now the Fine Cast Farseer and Warlocks have finally received the same treatment, being converted onto the Skyboard/Jetbike platforms. The Warlock with spear isn’t quite as … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Sadly I’ve  been extremely busy lately and have only been able to sneak glances at my gaming desk, which once again holds all my Necron models ready for paint. The Eldar/Dark Eldar replaced them for a day or two but it didn’t … Continue reading

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JetSeer Council – OP or ‘OP’?

JetSeer Council – Over Priced or Over Powered? The Eldar JetSeer Council – durable, with good shooting potential, and mediocre combat ability.  This unit can gain leadership rerolls, boosted WS/I, and heavy flamer templates but relies on the lynch pin … Continue reading

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